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I lied
September 18, 2016

Added neat size meter, so I know when to archive this and start fresh.

Neat header
September 18, 2016

Last post for today, I promise!
Added the neat header to the top of the page. Woo.

GNU/Linux vs. Windows
September 18, 2016

I thought I would go ahead and make the first /real/ post on this blog. So I thought I would start with a comparison of an average GNU/Linux distribution(such as Ubuntu, Mint, or Debian) to Windows.

Pros: Cons:
Pros: Cons:

Conclusion: Windows is best suited for people who use their computer exclusively for one of two things: as a work machine in an office, or as a machine for playing video games. Linux is best suited for those who would like control over their computer and information, as well as the freedom to tinker with their computer however much they like. It is also very well-suited as a server, as a workstation, for Audio/Video editing, for programmers or other developers, and for general hobbyists. It's also great for running the New York Stock Exchange.

Am I biased? Certainly.

Added git repo!!
September 18, 2016

Git repo has been created! The program used to generate the pages for this blog is now open to everyone!
You can visit the repo HERE.

CSS auto-generation

Testing the css auto-generation real quick.

To-do list etc

With this post I mark the first semi-confident use of my blog generator.
To-do list: